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Bladder wall or urothelium

Chronic UTI in the newsResearch studies

Study demonstrates that several species of bacteria can work their way inside the human bladder’s surface area

A study, published in the Journal of Molecular Biology, demonstrates that several species of bacteria can...Read more +

A bladder infection The epithelial surface has secreted thick mucus filaments

Chronic UTI in the news

Elemental – UTI treatment is in crisis

A new article on the science-backed health and wellness blog Elemental explains how the way...Read more +

Antibiotic treatment failure in urinary tract infections

Chronic UTI in the news

Treatment failure of UTIs in primary care

BMJ letter from Professor Malone-Lee, Emeritus Professor of Medicine at UCL on the Duration of antibiotic treatment...Read more +

Chronic urinary tract infections reported in The Guardian newspaper February 2019

Chronic UTI in the news

The Guardian – chronic UTI and faulty tests exposed

The Guardian newspaper has published a ground-breaking article exposing the truth about the medical establishment’s casual approach...Read more +

Chronic UTI in the newsResearch studies

UK data supports long-term antibiotic treatment for people with chronic painful lower urinary tract symptoms

A research paper published today in the International Urogynecology Journal shows that UK study data...Read more +

What red, white and epithelal cells look like in a urine sample from someone with a UTI

Chronic UTI in the news

New ‘bladder microbiome’ discovery could change the way we treat UTIs – ABC news

Australia’s ABC news cover work by Australian researchers on the bladder microbiome. The researchers have identified...Read more +

bladder epithelial cells of the urothelium

Chronic UTI in the news

Urinary tract infections: How they’re prevented, diagnosed and treated on ABC

Dr Iain Duggin from University of Technology Sydney and Professor Malone-Lee spoke to the ABC...Read more +

test for urinary infection

Chronic UTI in the news

Chronic UTI featured on In the Name of Science radio show

Imelda Wilde’s chronic UTI was dismissed by doctors. She shares her experiences on the radio show...Read more +


Chronic UTI in the news

Bladder Health UK interviewed urologist Mr Ased Ali

Bladder Health UK interviewed Mr Ased Ali, Consultant Urologist at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust...Read more +